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First Date Tips

Cross legs or arms

First and foremost, make sure you do not sit with crossed legs or arms, as that shows you are reserved or lack confidence. Hence, so not cross legs and arm when you stand or sit with your date.

Eye contact

While talking to your date make sure you maintain an eye contact with your date without continuously staring at him/her. Maintaining a gentle eye contact can take you directly to your date’s heart, as it is said that eyes are the door way to heart.

Keep smiling
Well, make sure you keep a smiling face, so as to make your date feel comfortable and confident. However, a smile can win any heart, but make sure you do not pass a smile unnecessarily.

Facial expression

Mostly, your facial expression speaks a lot about what you feel inside. Hence, make sure you avoid eyebrow rigid and any vague expression.

Best chat up line

Mostly, women get impressed with some of the catch up lines. Hence, try imposing some of the best chat up lines for your lady and impress her.

Well, simply by following these steps you can surely impress your date on the first day. There are a few more important things that you need to take care of such as your dressing sense, your talk, etc. Mostly, we fail in appearing decent, just because of trying hard to look cool. So, wear what suits you and what you can carry well. Upon all, do not become hyper aggressive, as it can make you talk more and talkative people are not liked much. Hence, keep all the tips in your mind and be confident on your first date.