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Why Have True Girlfriend is Difficult?

Everyone is in search of someone whom you can trust and share your feelings, someone that can also be your best friend and likes what you like, someone who understands and will not judge you all the time, someone to spend every day with, mess around with. You would have a list of the qualities that you want in her. There can be certain qualities which you search for your girlfriend is:

  • Beautiful
  • Sensitive
  • Caring
  • Smart
  • Loyal

These qualities are really very difficult to found but only girl having these qualities does not help to make a good relationship. Boys should also have some guts.

If you think that you haven’t met someone with these quality and you are waiting for the one very special whom you deserve then there are certain qualities which is needed and help you to get a girlfriend.

What women have primarily referred is the financial status of a man because high status males have a greater ability to protect in every situation.

There are some secondary qualities which are most important and not insignificant. These are:

  • Friendly : He will realize that the key to a girl’s heart is not jewelry, but him having a healthy relationship with her best friends.
  • Surprising : He will be surprising you, even when it is no extraordinary occasion, but not normally enough that these surprises are expected.
  • Good sense of Humor : Once in a while, after months or years of being together, he goes into an entire new period of concentrated kind gestures, gifts, and fun dates.
  • Importance : Even in busy schedules he will have to make the time for you.
  • Good listener: A good boyfriend is an active listener, meaning he asks questions and does not just sit there, waiting for his turn to speak, respect her opinions.
  • Possessiveness : He has a small jealous streak, to let you know he cares about you, but not have a possessive personality over you.
  • Acceptance : He will accept you for all your quirks and loving the cute ones that defines you as who you are.
  • He calls you beautiful rather than hot and sexy, and truly knows that beauty is the combination of physical and personality appeal, rather than hot which is simply raw physical appeal.
  • Honesty : He should be honest with you, even when the answer to the questions you asked, is going to hurt.
  • Supportive : He will give you the moral support you may need from time to time.
  • Mature : He is of the maturity to be able to realize, that he does have faults and tries to be a better man.
  • Finally but not the last, he should be able to make you feel like the perfect girlfriend.

These above are some of the qualities which make a perfect boyfriend – girlfriend relationship. You just need to indicate that you are looking for more than a friendship and so there isn’t any awkward misunderstanding. Ultimately you can find a girlfriend, just remember to be yourself or the best version of yourself and do not act too desperate or needy in the initial stages.